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When We Paid For Paradise

When We Paid For Paradise

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A dead wife.

A fractured family.

And a shocking last will and testament.

Stephen Craving, a philanderer, knows he screwed up. After his wife loses her battle with cancer, he discovers that she has cut him out of her entire million-dollar estate.

But she left him a way to get back in.

To gain the inheritance, Stephen must bring together the seven estranged members of his extended family for a family vacation to Orlando, Florida.

It’s the epic journey of a modern American family.

Moving from the Midwestern heartland to Floridian swampland— 

From Walt Disney World to a world of economic struggle—

From wealthy real-estate speculation to minimum-wage desperation—

Stephen has one job: to make his broken family whole again. Can he do it?

For fans of Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Franzen, When We Paid For Paradise is the story of an epic family vacation that you’ll never forget.

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