A.J. Renwick

50% Writer. 50% Entrepreneur. 100% Anxious Wreck.

A.J. Renwick is a lover of all things fantasy who thinks every story could be improved by adding a dragon. When it comes to romance, she believes there's the perfect person out there for everyone, even if it takes some people longer to see it! She writes paranormal romance set in the magical city of Castor's Grove.

Orphan's Egg

Explore the magical city of Castor's Grove in this young adult paranormal romance.

Meet Fran, an orphan with a mysterious egg desperate to learn the truth about her birth parents; and Ivan, a fairy trying to gain entrance to an elite fraternity.

Each has what the other needs, but only one is willing to trade!

Will they find a way to work together and learn the truth about Fran's identity? Or are some secrets better left unknown?

Orphan's Egg E-book. Orphan's Egg Paperback

Angel's Feather

Discover more about the angels who live in Castor's Grove in this young adult paranormal romance.

Meet Eva, an angel forced to attend an ordinary high-school after her older brother is arrested; and Nathan, her classmate with no talent and even less ambition.

In order to restore her family's name, Eva must guide Nathan to greatness.

Is her task impossible? Or is there more to Nathan than there appears?

Angel's Feather E-book Angel's Feather Paperback

Banshee's Breath

Solve a murder with the witches of Castor's Grove in this young adult paranormal romance.

Meet Beatrice, an overconfident witch, desperate to prove herself; and Oliver, her brother's best friend who she's had a crush on for the past seven years.

When the Matriarch of Beatrice's coven is murdered, Oliver becomes the prime suspect.

They'll need to work together to clear his name. But will they be able to catch the real killer before another witch turns up dead?

Banshee's Breath E-book Banshee's Breath Paperback

Subdivision Battles of the Dead and Undead

Spend your day laughing with this suburban fantasy comedy.

Meet Bartholomew Whitlock—warlock, misanthrope, and now dead.

Tasked with a job that even his moral compass can't allow, Bartholomew fakes his death and flees to the suburbs. With him is his trusty familiar Gizmo, a talking dog.

With a cast of colorful characters, join Bartholomew and Gizmo as they fight to secure their new home.

Subdivision Battles E-Book Subdivision Battles Paperback