1. I've written a novel. Would you be able to publish it for me?

Sorry, no. At this time, Plotworks Publishing isn't accepting submissions, though we're looking at that for the future. However, if you're an independent author, feel free to send us a message. We love to meet people in the field!

2. What's it like working together as husband and wife?

It's amazing! We genuinely enjoy each other's company (pun intended), and this gives us the opportunity to spend time together discussing the thing we're most passionate about—stories!

3. Can I buy audiobooks from your store?

At this time, we have a few audiobooks available in the Apple store. However, we will soon be offering audiobooks for sale right here, at Plotworks, direct from us to you. We love the 21st century!

4. How will I get my e-books?

You'll get an email from Bookfunnel with a link to your book(s) and instructions for how to download them onto your device.

5. How will I get my print books?

If you prefer a paper copy of any our titles, you can have it delivered straight to your door by Bookvault!

6. Who are your authors?

We are! We each have our own individual pen names. Jason writes as J.A. Jernay, and Ashley writes as A.J. Renwick.

7. Why use pen names?

They're brands, just like Ford or Adidas or Campbell's soup. J.A. Jernay writes travel, adventure, and mystery, while any title by A.J. Renwick is guaranteed to carry readers into a world of fantasy.

8. How do I get updates on your newest stories?

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