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The Spain Tourmaline (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

The Spain Tourmaline (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

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A faraway land.

A famous matador.

And a missing sword.  

Years ago, a legendary torero named Pepe was killed by a Miura bull. Now his son Pepito, another matador, is going to use his father’s celebrated tourmaline sword to take revenge upon that same breed. The sold-out bullfight is only a week away.

There’s a problem. Someone has stolen it. 

Fourteen thousand fans are expecting the return of the sword of Pepe. His son needs to find it—fast.


With the clock ticking, she plunges into the wild, beating heart of traditional Spanish culture. 

Ainsley’s fast-paced investigation carries her from bullfights to bull ranches, from tapas bars to tearooms, from Catholic processionals to Moorish patios.

Along the way, she encounters tradition, loyalty, betrayal, violence…

…and the ancient spilling of blood that connects life with death.

If you love whodunits, foreign adventure, and quick pacing, you may lose sleep over this hard-to-put-down travel mystery! Find out why Jernay’s fans love this “amazing and suspenseful read” with “many twists” that makes it “an exciting escape”.

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