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The Puerto Rico Pearl (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

The Puerto Rico Pearl (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

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“I love the way [Ainsley Walker] goes to a different country in each book and explores. It makes me want to visit those places!” – 5-star review

A faraway island.

An impending hurricane.

And a missing pearl brooch.

An airplane en route to the U.S. is forced to land on the island of Puerto Rico—and onboard is


Stranded in torrential rain, she is guided by another passenger towards an old plantation house in the island’s tropical interior, where she meets an elderly woman who has lost a precious family heirloom.

It's a pearl brooch that had once belonged to an actual pirate of the Caribbean—and the old spinster needs her to find it ... fast.

But it doesn’t go easy. It never goes easy.  

Soon Ainsley finds herself propelled across the island on another runaway adventure—

—from wealthy art museums to abandoned sugar mills—

—from colonial plazas to buried treasure on abandoned naval bases—

Ainsley discovers joy, pain, danger…

…and the fact that things are never quite as they seem.

If you love whodunits, foreign adventure, and quick pacing, you may lose sleep over this “hard to put down” travel mystery! Find out why Jernay’s fans call this “an entertaining trip criss-crossing the island” in a “lush atmosphere” that is “full of history, intrigue, and adventure”!

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