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The Oxford Diaries: A Student Travelogue

The Oxford Diaries: A Student Travelogue

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For fans of all things traditionally British…

Eccentric professors. 

Black dinner gowns. 

Leather chairs in old libraries.

It’s the mid-1990s.

At nineteen years old, J.A. Jernay arrives at Oxford University as an innocent abroad and begins keeping a meticulously written diary of his experiences.

Plunging into nearly a thousand years of English literature and history, this young American leads the reader through daily life at the world’s third-oldest university.

From drinking warm beer at back-alley pubs to standing for dinner in a formal black gown at the college dining hall—

From punting on the Cherwell River to sitting for a debate at the Oxford Union—

From crowded parties in Scotland to lonely forests in Wales— 

The Oxford Diaries is a romantic snapshot of an undergraduate experience that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Be transported to a world of literature, history, fantasy, and tradition. Read The Oxford Diaries!

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