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The Missing Chums (The Illustrated Hardy Boys Book 4)

The Missing Chums (The Illustrated Hardy Boys Book 4)

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Race back in time and join Frank and Joe Hardy on another rollicking mystery adventure!

This time, they travel to the dangerous Blacksnake Island to rescue their pals from the clutches of evil kidnappers. This fully illustrated edition of The Missing Chums (original 1928 edition) includes:

  • ·      12 new illustrations
  • ·      Images of major characters, objects, settings, and scenes
  • ·      A few edited sentences and some updated vocabulary

Franklin W. Dixon’s timeless classic, The Missing Chums, has been beautifully brought to life in this newly illustrated edition. It will transport you back to the classic stories of your youth.

The all-new imagery showcases the characters and scenes that made the Hardy Boys into one of the world’s most successful detective mystery series for young readers. 

This edition also contains the following extras:

  • ·      An annotated essay on the Hardy Boys’ place in literary history
  • ·      An additional chapter of the next Hardy Boys title, Hunting For Hidden Gold
  • ·      An additional chapter of The Rover Boys Go To Military School, another series by the creator of the Hardy Boys, updated by J.A. Jernay

Whether you’re a longtime fan, or a reader discovering the Hardy Boys for the first time, this fully illustrated edition of The Missing Chums is sure to delight readers of all ages.

This edition is the perfect addition to any bookshelf and makes a great gift for children and adults alike. Don’t miss your chance to join Frank and Joe on their extraordinary adventure!

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