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The Argentina Rhodochrosite (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

The Argentina Rhodochrosite (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

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“I didn't want to put it down after I got into the thick of the action!” -5-star review


A faraway land.

A famous soccer player.

And a missing necklace.


No ordinary piece of jewelry, this rhodochrosite had belonged to his birth mother, a woman he has never met. She had disappeared during the Argentine dirty war of the nineteen-seventies.


This superstar really wants it back, and he refuses to play soccer again until someone finds it.


It’s shaping up to be a national tragedy. Until the arrival of...




Fresh off her amethyst adventure, she plunges into the brash heart of Argentinian futból culture.


Running from nightclubs in historic mansions to seedy tango halls—


—from impoverished shantytowns to the grand mountains of Patagonia—


Ainsley discovers glamour, danger, excitement…


…and the dark secrets of the country’s hidden past.

If you love whodunits, foreign adventure, and quick pacing, you may lose sleep over this impossible-to-put-down travel mystery! Find out why Jernay’s fans call this an “
exciting and authentic mystery” that “zooms along” and makes it “easy to be swept away to Argentina”.

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