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Hysterical For Harvard (A Jake Logan Private Tutor Mystery)

Hysterical For Harvard (A Jake Logan Private Tutor Mystery)

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For fans of Raymond Chandler, Sunset Boulevard, and all things noir...

It’s Los Angeles.

Jake Logan, a struggling young actor with a Harvard background, hasn’t gotten a part in months.

A chance meeting with an old friend leads to an unusual new gig—as a private tutor for April Kim, a highly intelligent seventeen-year-old from a wealthy Asian family.

Her life goal: to attend Harvard University.

But there’s a big problem. Jake soon discovers that April is a devious, manipulative, backstabbing overachiever who will stop at absolutely nothing to get what she wants. 

It’s a battle of wills, and what starts out as a simple relationship between teacher and student quickly turns much more complicated.

Jake tries to escape, but the family’s dark gravity pulls him back, plunging him even deeper into April’s twisted psyche.

Will he survive long enough to discover the family’s deepest secret?

It’s a new twist on your favorite old story. It’s fast and fun. It’s a Jake Logan Private Tutor Mystery.

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