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Steamboat Willie Whistlestop Puzzle Mysteries (Vol. 2)

Steamboat Willie Whistlestop Puzzle Mysteries (Vol. 2)

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Welcome to the world of Steamboat Willie’s Whistlestop Puzzle Mysteries!

It’s the 1920s, and you’re the new first mate of a steamboat, the SS Wilkinshire. You encounter Willie, a talking mouse, on your first mystery! 

Together, the two of you team up to solve crimes.

And there’s a lot of them! The SS Wilkinshire is a magnet for unfortunate events: murder, blackmail, thievery. There’s always a puzzle that needs to be solved. 

If you think playing detective is going to be easy, think again! These puzzle mysteries are tricky. It takes a very sharp eye to recognize the clues, so you’ll have to read carefully! 

In each puzzle mystery, you and Steamboat Willie will

  • discover the crime
  • interview the suspects
  • study their alibis
  • figure out the culprit!

Enjoy your crime-solving trip down the river with everybody’s favorite mouse, Steamboat Willie!

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